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Sir William Arthur Lewis





Economics 1979










Professor Sir Arthur Lewis receiving his Nobel Prize 
from the King of Sweden, King Carl XVI Gustaf
 in December 1979




Sir Arthur Lewis at the Morne Educational Complex
Sir Arthur Lewis Community College)
Lady Gladys  and staff of the
St. Lucia Teachers’ College
Photo Credit: GIS St. Lucia.













Linton Thomas and Lady Lewis at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College 
(Nobel Laureate Week celebrations)








Nobel Prize Winner, Sir William Arthur Lewis
(right) of
Saint Lucia addressing the meeting.
Photo credit: UN PHOTO 164561















Wreath-laying Ceremony at Sir Arthur's tomb 
Nobel Laureate













Sir Arthur's Tomb










Sir Arthur Lewis in his study at Princeton University
by Cedric George 1997











William Arthur Lewis Stanley Jevons Professor of Political Science and Cobden Lecturer Manchester University
February 1955
(Photo Credit: BBC)








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